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About Our Chicken

It's Gluten Free!

We have developed our own gluten free breading recipe and have 2 of our 3 deep fryers dedicated gluten free. 

ALL of our chicken, whether bone in or tenders, is breaded with this gluten free breading. We do serve our Fried Chicken on white bread (Nashville Style). If you don't want the bread, be sure to let us know and we'll gladly leave it off! Or, for a slight upcharge, you can substitute a GF Biscuit or GF Jalapeno Pimento Cheese Cornbread.

We also offer a Gluten Free Waffle! You can have Gluten Free Chicken and Waffle, Chicken and Waffle Sandwich or just add a waffle to your meal or for dessert. These are made from scratch using rice flours, arrowroot, xanthum gum, eggs, milk and other ingredients.  

We now offer Gluten Free Biscuits. These are made in house and are available daily. Not only are they Gluten free but these are Corn Free as well.

I also make Gluten Free Sausage Gravy as well as Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls on Sundays.

We offer the majority of our side dishes as gluten free and can make our Fried Pickles, Whole Fried Okra and Tempura Broccolini  Gluten Free on request. 

As for Dairy Free, Our bone in chicken is dairy free, and the majority of our side dishes are as well. Our tenders, waffles, mac n cheese, mac bites and biscuits are not. All of our flavors except for Cheerwine BBQ are Dairy Free. 


Our chicken is spicy. To help you to decide on which heat level is best for you:

Heat levels are subjective, everyone has a different palette. What is hot to you might be mild for someone else. If you are unsure, then go with a level lower. If you are adventurous, then try a level higher. You can also add the Hueys Voodoo Dust to any of the flavors for an added dimension.

***Nashville Sauces***
(all are gluten free)

Mild- light amount of Cayenne pepper in the sauce

Medium-double the Cayenne pepper of the Mild

Hot-our Nashville Hot is kicked up double the cayenne of the Medium, then covered with our Huey's Voodoo Dust, Johnson City Hot!!

Oh Holy Ghost- our hottest offering at this time. We up the heat by adding ghost pepper powder to our Hot sauce so it has both Cayenne and Ghost Pepper Powder. A box of tissues is available on request. (we also have a complimentary glass of milk available)


Plain- light amount of black pepper in the breading (Is gluten free)

Cheerwine BBQ Glaze- light amount of black pepper in the breading, Smokey bbq sauce, Cheerwine, butter (Is gluten free)


Miso Honey Glaze-light amount of black pepper in the breading and korean chili paste in the sauce (Is gluten free)

Korean Soy Garlic- light heat from garlic (IS gluten free!)

Korean Sweet Chili– very flavorful with heat from Gochujang, a Korean chili paste (NOT gluten free)


Habanero Honey- We dip your chicken in our Nashville Medium then sprinkle on our Habanero Honey Dust. Sweet Heat!! (Is gluten free)

We believe that a little spice is good for the soul but also to give you a choice


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